Disaster – Chapter five

When Joe shatters his knee joint, it is one of the most climactic moments in the text.  Joe uses descriptive language and writing style techniques to draw the reader into the moment and to portray the immense pain he is going through.  The first sentence describing his accident is short and sharp and sets a high tempo to the event.”I felt a shattering blow, felt bones splitting and screamed.” this sentence puts the readers in the moment, this is important because it lets the readers feel the pain that the men are going through.  Another technique that Joe uses is repetition, “A fierce burning ball of fire coming from inside my thigh”, the fireball rushed from groin to knee”, “pouring on fire”. The repetition of the word fire lets the reader feel the ‘burning’ pain and draws them into the action.

Joe interviews Simon and includes his perspective in his book, he does this to show a different perspective of the action

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  1. Hi James, you have begun to explain the effect of specific language techniques, however, you needed to include additional detail in your answers. For example, you state that the short, sharp sentences “puts the readers in the moment.” What do you mean by this? Why is it important that the reader feels a connection to the narrator’s experiences at this point in the text? What understanding do we gain of the narrator’s thoughts and feelings?

    Please complete this work on Chapter 5 🙂


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